Let’s for three minutes discuss the ring finger. Specifically, I am speaking about the ring finger on your left hand – the one your wedding band is placed on. Why is it on the left hand? I mean, I am sure there is some reason from back in the day, but it’s just not practical. For me, personally, it all comes down to dating.

I hate dating. But, I love dating. Do you know what I mean? I love going on dates, but I hate dating. Does that make more sense? Why can't God just say, "Here Becca, I got you a soul mate. He will love you, cherish you, be loyal and want you and only you for the rest of your life." That would just be too easy.

In reality, we find ourselves checking out the guy working at the car repair shop and hoping there is not a ring on his finger. All (well -- many) women do that too. We all meet a man and almost immediately check out his left hand. We need to know who we are talking to. Is it someone who may be asking me out? Someone who I may be kissing goodnight by the end of the week? Someone who may be coming back to my place after a really wonderful evening? Someone who I may be making breakfast for the next morning? Someone who may fall in love with me? Someone who may ask me to marry him?

E2 users pull Becca out of her fantasy world.

Anyway, this is why either one of two things needs to happen.

1. -- We change the hand we shake when we greet people to our left hand.

2. – We start wearing our wedding bands on our right hand.

This way you can be friendly and find out if he or she is married right there. No causal glances at the person’s hand... no trying to be subtle as you look for a wedding band. All you would have to do is shake hands and POOF! You would immediately know the marital status of the person.

Someone was really not on the ball with that one.