Tonight really bothered me, so I'm going to vent it here.

I am finishing my Masters degree at St. Bonaventure University this summer. The class I am taking right now is rather interesting. I like the class… but I hate the professor. Okay, I don't hate him; I don't hate anyone. However, I think he likes to make me feel like shit. Just me. No one else.

There are ten grad students in this class. I think I am the only one to have also done my undergraduate work at SBU. Thus, this is the fourth class I have had this prof. for.

I do not know what was going on, but he just was not making sense tonight. Usually, I am a social student who is low-key with her professors. I only ask questions once and a while. However, tonight, the prof. was just not making sense. So, I asked questions. I was feeling quite proud of myself. Usually I have trouble not falling asleep in this guy’s class. I am not “that girl” who always asks obnoxious questions.

This particular professor is always saying “any questions?” So, I ask a question… and he says, “do you have a hearing problem?” I just look at him shocked. He then proceeded to move my seat to the front center of the class. WHAT THE FUCK??? You don’t do that in college, let alone grad. school. He moved my seat? Err? Did I miss something? Am I in fourth grade and passing notes?

I talked to some of the other students -- they were confused too.

Here is the thing -- I am pissed off. I did not let him see that I am pissed off, but I am. I do not like being disrespected – let alone in front of people who I respect. It was really embarrassing!

So now, here’s what I am trying to decide. On Thursday night, when I have class again, do I sit in my “normal seat” or the seat he moved me to for my “obvious hearing problem?”

I hate it when stupid people bother me.