As with most GURPS titles, a strict eye was kept to realism and maintainance of a Hard Science aproach. The Setting derives much of its background and setting elements from the popular viginettes in GURPS Biotech.

David Pulver has managed to create a complex political situation both on Earth and throughout the various stations and colonies in the rest of the Solar System. The main structure is centered around a variety of large aliances, including :

Unsuprisingly there are also various minor powers including the Indian Bloc, and the South African Alliance. During 2002 several suppliments for the setting were released, including :
  • Fifth Wave ~ Which dealt with the nicer and more technologicly advanced side of Earth in 2100
  • Space Craft of The Solar System ~ which contains a series of detailed writeups of various spacecraft available in 2100, along with details of how various space based militaries and organisations function. The writeups are compatible with the vehicle design system in the main book.
  • Orbital Decay ~ An adventure.
  • Personel Files ~ Which contains character writeups for a number of people (and non-persons) who can be dropped straight into any transhuman space game, or, indeed, with some modification into almost any GURPS game.
The setting itself, whilst already very well constructed is going to become even better supported over the latter half of 2003, with the upcomming release of several supplements :