Today, I wrote a letter to someone I haven't seen in ten years:

I'm starting to be very glad that yuri doesn't have these designations. ^-^;; They label people a certain way and when you label someone, you lock them into a certain category or type, as if they are incapable of being more or of doing something outside of what you have labeled them. Take Tomoyo & Sakura for instance. Sakura is happy and outgoing and much more extroverted while Tomoyo is more quiet and shy and introverted. Sakura is very shy whereas nothing seems to get to Tomoyo except Sakura. Tomoyo is exquisitely feminine whereas Sakura looks just as adorable in boys clothes as she does in girls clothes. So it's hard to say who's what in that relationship. Yes, Sakura would do whatever Tomoyo wanted her to do because Tomoyo really does have a lot of control over Sakura. But at the same time, Sakura would probably be dragging Tomoyo all over the place. Labeling them makes it much more difficult to understand things because you get them locked into these certain character types rather than simply letting them be the characters they are. With some people, it can be a lot easier to tell who's who. But even with ChibiUsa & Hotaru, who I until recently thought of as a one being more dominant that the other, isn't quite so clear cut. If they were both boys, then Hotaru would probably be the seme according to conventional wisdom. She's quiet and doesn't let her emotions out very easily (at least until she's reborn, but which time she seems to have a better handle on them, making it even more difficult to tell which would be which in the relationship). ChibiUsa's perky and sweet. So these things all just serve to hold them in. It keeps away the full potential of a person if they think this is who they are. Because we aren't simply labels or personality types. We are so much more than that. My dad used to tell me never to label myself. Now he goes and tells me exactly what personality type I am. So maybe he's forgotten that, but I still believe that labeling ourselves and others simply limits things.

I'm rambling. ^-^;;; But that's not really a new development. ^^ I've just been having a lot of trouble with labels lately in a lot of areas. I'm getting sick of heterosexual and homosexual labels. It's all just about sex. And sex, contrary to popular belief, does not equal love. Love should transcend such things. Sex can be a part of love, but sex is not love. So why do we base so much of our life over what we want to have sex with? It's not about falling in love, about finding the person that is most right for you. It's about finding someone who can offer a little companionship and who can sate your lust. Like you said before when I was asking about what sexuality you thought ChibiUsa was. You told me that she was straight. That she fell in love with Hotaru, that it didn't matter that she was heterosexual because she'd fallen in love. And it just happened to be a girl. I thought that was a great view of things. ^-^

Anyway, I probably better go before I ramble any further. ^-^ Sorry for all of that. ^^;;; So you'd be both? Probably the best answer you could find for that, even if it's not exactly what you wanted. I think I'm gonna quit looking. I don't really wanna know and it would just force me to think that I'd have to be a certain way in a relationship. I'm already neurotic enough without that. ^-^ You should just be yourself. Even when I don't like who I see in the mirror, it's still probably better than being someone else. Too messy. ^-^ And then you start to wonder just who's who and which you is the real you and it just becomes more trouble than it's worth, especially if you care about the person. Well, I hope you're doing all right. ^-^ I'm so sorry I've been so sporadically on lately. ;_; I've been so out of it. O_o I haven't written or done much of anything lately. ^^;; I hope I can see you soon. ^-^ *hugs*