Being skinny all my life (which, granted, hasn't been that long, in terms of relativity),
i just love all the comments.
I am five feet eight inches, my average weight is 100 pounds, but if I skip a day or two,
it could plummet to 85 (done it before).
Light-hearted ones from friends don't bother me-
joking that if i stand behind a 4" thick pole, i disappear,
calling me a 'skinny bitch'-
that doesn't bother me.
When i'm eating a burger and someone asks me if i ever eat,
when my stepsister calls me anorexic because i don't eat the salad after polishing off a plate of scalloped potatoes, stuffing, and hollandaise sauce (yeah, not eating the salad makes me an anorexic- that makes alot of sense),
when someone tells me they'd think i was hot if I was 30 pounds heavier,
when people ask if my hipbones ever cut anyone,
when perfect strangers think they have the authority to comment on my size,