This is Birmingham UK's biggest gay nightclub, with a capacity of about 2200. It is located at the heart of Birmingham's gay village in Kent Street, just off the main strip in Hurst Street. The club has 3 floors and is open 7 nights a week, playing primarily cheesy pop music, as well as hard dance on the top floor on a Saturday night.

It has computers with internet connections, which can be useful for the wallflower in retreat. It also has a restaurant, serving pizzas, burgers, chips and a few more items too. The restaurant is on the same floor as the piano lounge, which is a welcome break for those only clubbing for the sake of friends.

Most of the staff at the club are gay, as are a majority of the clientele. The club is also popular with heterosexuals and transvestites. It's a really great place to go, largely because of the mix of people and friendly and tolerant atmosphere. The age range of people there is very large too (about 18-70), taking the club away from the traditional 20-somethings' hedonism you see in most nightspots now. The shallowness of many of the staff and clientele can be a bit grating, but is only to be expected.

Its address is Kent Street, Birmingham. It has disabled access, as well as a manually-operated lift to all floors.

Its website is: