Weapon that sends a jet of flame towards the enemy. Not often used because it is short-ranged and goes through fuel at an alarming rate, but is occasionally used because of its psychological value, or its usefulness in close quarters or on armoured positions such as bunkers.
There are two main types: gas flamethrowers, and liquid flamethrowers. Gas flamethrowers are the most commonly used, as they are more convenient, because they use reasonably light cylinders of compressed flammable gas, which is sprayed and lit, creating a jet of flame . Liquid flamethrowers use some kind of flammable liquid (often petrol, but occasionally more advanced chemicals are used, such as Napalm, and although they have the advantage that an enemy hit by them will not only be burnt, but soaked in flaming petrol (or other flammable chemical) , and will therefore burn for longer, they are two heavy for use as a conventional weapon, as they usually require, large, vulnerable tanks of fuel.