Public school located in the city of Winchester, founded by William of Whykeham. Attended by around 700 pupils today, most of whom board full-time. Currently one of the most expensive schools in England, it also has the some of the best A level results in the country. Its current headmaster (principal to Americans) is Nicholas Tate. It plays Winchester college football.

Winchester is an extraordinary place to learn; I will leave this year having spent five years both loving and hating it. On one side it offers the best education money can buy: not just exams and tests but the freedom to work at your own pace and to explore concepts that interest you, taught by some of the best teachers in the country. On the other it suffers from the problem that it continues to perpetuate a stereotype rich kid attitude,is not co-ed, and thus screws up many people's ability to relate to the opposite sex, and it suffers from the universal school problem that intellectuals are unappreciated when compared to sportsmen. For £18,000 it represents the best chance of getting into an Oxbridge college of almost anywhere in the UK, but it will affect you for the rest of your life.