In the early 1990's the semi-professional musicians of South East Pennsylvania classified one of the music trends that came out of the Counter-Sub-Cultures of the previous decade.

It surrounded the central theme of Industrial Music.

What is amazing is the fact that some of the definitions still exist today:

Industrial Music

    Industrial Music is characterized by the presence of Synthesized Drum. Nothing else can be synthesized by a computer. Just the drums.

Pre-Industrial Music

    Pre-Industrial Music is characterized by the presence of synthesized instruments, but live drums. The Drums cannot be synthetic.

Post-Industrial Music

    Post-Industrial Music is characterized by the presence of both synthesized drums, and any instruments and/or vocals. However, there still needs to be some live element to the performance.

Techno Music

    Techno Music is characterized by the complete presence of synthetic musicians. In this model, Techno is the complete absence of live musicians and the complete monopoly of computerized musicians.