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Vir Cotto

Centauri Republic Ambassadorial Attache to Babylon 5


    Appointed attache for Ambassador Londo Mollari in 2258, apparently through the influence of his family. The role was treated as a joke, and a place to keep Vir occupied.

    Vir became ambassador to Babylon 5 in 2262.


    Abrahamo Lincolni

      Received an appointment as head of the Centauri mission on Minbar in 2260, but was removed from that position when it was discovered he was covertly smuggling Narns off their homeworld under the guise of "Abrahamo Lincolni", a fictional Centauri noble create by Cotto, supposedly of the Centauri Relocation Bureau.
        (cf. "Sic Transit Vir")


    Bethrothed Wife

      Betrothed to Lyndisty in 2260, as part of his "elevation" in status, but the wedding was put on hold due to the "Abrahamo Lincolni" incident.
        (cf. "Sic Transit Vir")
    Cousin Kiron Maray, who ran away with Aria Tensus to Babylon 5.
      (cf. "The War Prayer")
    Befriended associate Lennier due to their simmilar tasks on The Station.
      (cf. "The Fall of Night"
      "The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari")


    Leads the Centauri Resistance against the Drakh on Centauri Prime and the outer colonies of the Centauri Republic. (cf. "Legions of Fire: Armies of Light and Dark")

    Succeeds Londo Mollari as Centauri Emperor, some time in 2277 or after.

      (cf. "Point of No Return"
      "War Without End, Part Two"
      "Sleeping in Light")
Vir Cotto first appeared in the episode "Midnight on the Firing Line"
Vir Cotto was the only person who received his wish to the question "What do you want?" when asked by Morden.
    (cf. "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum"
    "Into the Fire")
Vir was assigned to Minbar in "A Day in the Strife"
Vir replaced Londo Mollari as Centauri Ambassador in "The Fall of Centauri Prime"
Vir was the only character remaining on Babylon 5 from the Babylon 5 - Season One (cf. "Objects at Rest")
Vir was seen in his role as Centauri Emperor in "Sleeping in Light"