Capitalism is Communism via High Finance.

A. Goods and Services flow forward through the economy.

B. Currency flows in the opposite direction.

In Communism Goods and Services are centrally planned and controlled. This is far too inefficient a system of slavery, because there is too much work for the slavemasters to keep track of. The people will reject this perfect system because they are told what to do, they don't believe they have choice. Humans reject the program, so another solution had to be devised.

In Capitalism, Debt-Backed currency is centrally planned and managed by a central bank (Federal Reserve/ECB, etc.), and thus allows the slaves to self manage and plan production under the illusion of a free market and the belief they have choice. This allows the slavemasters to not have to continously monitor their slaves, and they can more efficiently optimize the amount of produced wealth they confiscate for themselves via Usury/Interest charges on the currency.

Even for non-debtors, the usury charges (wealth extraction from producers to non-producers) appear as taxation, which is used to pay the national/government debt that backs the currency.

This is an unbalanced system that runs "full tilt", and is why it so frantically produces beyond it's needs, to the benefit of the bankers. The amount owed to the lenders (Principle+Interest) is always greater than the amount of currency in circulation (Principle), and requires a perpeutal increase in debt to keep the system running.

Eventually due to this leveraging, the total debt will always increase until the breaking point. Debt, which is the sum of the result of the unbalanced equation, will result in a system crash, and the system will need rebooted. The WTO, IMF, and World Bank exist to facilitate this process, and are the true axis of evil.