Spaceballs: The Review

Major Cast List:

This movie is an obvious parody of Star Wars, but also references Planet of the Apes and Alien.  There are also overtones to The Wizard Of Oz, which was filmed on most of the same sets as Spaceballs.  The desert scenes were filmed in the deserts of southern California, just across the border from Yuma, AZ.  An October shoot date was planned, but an unfortunate heat wave slowed shooting drastically.

Spaceballs is a fairly typical Mel Brooks film, with much of his culturally Jewish style of humor, ie, substituting "The Schwartz" for "The Force".  Also, as in many of his movies, Brooks plays multiple roles--the Yoda-inspired Yogurt and the Emperor-inspired President Skroob (an anagram of Brooks).  Most Mel Brooks movies can be handily lumped together--you can expect very little change in style from movie to movie.  A touch of romance, a healthy dose of puns, and a bit of T&A tossed in.  If you like this movie, you should also check out any of Brooks' other movies: Robin Hood: Men In Tights, History Of The World, Part 1, Blazing Saddles, The Producers.  If you've seen any one of those other movies and didn't find them entertaining, you should probably avoid Spaceballs.  You should also expect frequent and repetitive plugging of his other movies--there's even a scene with a VCR with which they watch Spaceballs, while MAKING Spaceballs.  It's enough to make Escher hang himself.

The DVD is fairly basic, with a behind-the-scenes documentary and the trailer included as extras, plus a commentary from Mel Brooks, and French and Spanish-language dubbing.  One side of the disc is letterbox, the other is pan-'n-scan.

I give it a recommendation to rent but not to buy, unless you get a REALLY good deal.  It's probably worth renting, particularly if you haven't seen any of Brooks' other movies and want a good place to start.