Put your movie buff friends to the test. Don't just play six degrees of Kevin Bacon, play x degrees of anybody. You and a
friend each pick an actor. You then see who can link them the fastest, or with a set time limit in the least number of links.
Or you can turn it into a real party game.This game requires a Movie Bible of some sort like the Video Movie Guide, or some
such thing. Make 2+ teams with 3+ players per team. Each team starts with 100 points. They
ante 5 points into the "pot," then 2 teams each name an actor. The teams then separate for 5-10 minutes, or 2 minutes after
a team calls 'time' or some variation. Then it is played like Poker. The team that called 'time' or some other predetermined team raises, and the next team match and raises, or folds, or calls. The team that made the conection with the fewest links (and didn't fold) gets the pot. In the event of a tie, either split the pot or do some other quick tie breaker. Verification of links can be played like Scrabble's 'Challenging' rules, where you must risk so many points to open the Bible to verify a link, or you can scrutenize all links. The game can be over once one team gets all the points, after one team gets x points, after so much time, or after so many rounds.
This game often gives the ultimate bragging rights to some very unlikely victor.