Also known as the episode, "Once More, With Feeling", Buffy: The Musical was a special musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It first aired on November 6th, 2001. The plot featured a demon that could make people sing their deepest feelings and dance like angels. The show actually ran ten minutes longer than the alloted time; as a result, some music will be cut from the episode when it is rereleased for syndication. It featured the following numbers:

Going Through the Motions
I've Got a Theory
The Mustard
Under Your Spell
I'll Never Tell
The Parking Ticket
Rest in Peace
What You Feel
Under Your Spell/Standing (Reprise)
Walk Through the Fire
Something To Sing About
What You Feel (Reprise)
Where Do We Go From Here?

All titles were written by Joss Whedon himself, who had no previous experience writing music. The titles were performed by the cast members Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head, Emma Caulfield, Michelle Trachtenberg, James Marsters and Amber Benson.

Some interesting notes: The charismatic demon Sweet was played by three-time Tony winner Hinton Battle. Marti Noxon, who is now executive producer of the series with Whedon, played the lady who tried to sing her way out of a parking ticket. "The Mustard" was belted out by David Fury.