The '48 hour' field op is still going, but the few of us that volunteered for rear party have been pulled out, and detached to 1MEF. We went to the dam last night to pack up our shit, and this morning we hopped on a convoy here, to Al-Asad. I am clean, my belly is full of good chow, and for me, the combat portion of this deployment is over.

We are to wait here until we can secure a flight down to Kuwait, and there we'll be helping prepare units for shipment back to the States.

I'm elated, over-joyed. It's still up in the air how long we'll be in Kuwait, but, in a way, I'm on my way home.

Mail is now being seized in 29 Palms, so I won't be able to receive any, but I should have consistent internet access for the duration of my time here, so feel free to e-mail.

I'm not home yet, but I've made it through the hairiest parts, and I am safe and whole.

See you all soon.

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