The ten tallest Munros are;
  1. Ben Nevis 1344 metres
    A combination of fame as the tallest mountain in the UK, easy accessibility through proximity to the important town of Fort William and slopes which become very dangerous in poor weather leads to a grim toll of death and injury every year. Even the "tourist route" to the summit claims victims.
  2. Ben MacDhui 1309 metres
    Once thought to be the tallest mountain, this mountain is in the region of large mountains known as the Cairngorms and is said to be haunted by a mysterious creature known as The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui who seems to be similar to an abominable snowman or yeti.
  3. Braeriach 1296 metres
    A second Cairngorm, also apparently haunted by a strange creature.
  4. Cairn Toul 1293 metres
    A third Cairngorm, this and Braeriach rise from a high plateau near Ben MacDhui.
  5. Cairngorm 1245 metres The mountain after which the area is named.
  6. Aonach Beag 1236 metres
    This and the next two mountains on the list lie just to the east of Ben Nevis
  7. Carn Mor Dearg 1223 metres
  8. Aonach Mor 1219 metres
  9. Ben Lawers 1214 metres
    The tallest mountain in the Southern Highlands, and easy to reach from the central belt of Scotland, this is the only mountain in the top ten which the current author has climbed to the summit.
  10. Beinn a' Bhuird 1196 metres
    Yet another Cairngorm.

Heights are from Munro's Tables by The Scottish Mountaineering Club, first metric edition 1974

Other interesting Scottish Mountains are Driesh, The Cobbler, and Ben Lomond.

ryano says I think it's interesting that Aonach Beag is taller than Aonach Mor. Is Aonach Mor bigger in volume, or something?

Bad Loser replies Yes, that's right. The names mean little, and big, ridge ,and the "little ridge" is taller, while the "big ridge" appears bulkier.