According to my reliable sources, I can’t find a single gathering that has taken place in our great state. This must be changed.

Saturday, January 4, 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah

I declare these games open . . .

The plan, as it stood: Saturday, January 4th, we will start early. We are going to go skiing at Canyons, because basically it kicks ass and we hadn't been there yet. I have a car that can sit 7 people, so if any more than that decide on coming then I'll either make two trips from my house, or we'll meet there. I'll be carrying my cell phone on me during the day.

  • Meet at 8:30am at my house if you want a ride to Canyons. (8576 S. Six Shooter Circle, Sandy) Call for directions

Whenever we get tired of skiing/snowboarding, we'll take the short drive back to my place and cook up some tasty stirfry, drink some tasty beverages, fooseball it up, and generally revel in our own nerdly endevours.

Skiing, debauchery, and Stir Fry! What more can you ask? Oh yeah, and Mr. Frog is gonna be there.
bow chica bow bow

About skiing: Yes, skis and snowboards are perfectly kosher, but if I so much as see a single ski-blade, well, you just don't want to force the issue.

You ask what? I ask what not! I mean, um, it’s gonna be cool. This gathering is going to be a double threat deal. During the day we will go to one of the many fabulous skiing establishments in the Salt Lake Area, such as Snowbird, Alta (if everyone skis), Snow Basin, etc. There we will scare ourselves silly on the black diamonds, drink some overpriced hot chocolate, and generally revel in our merry making abilities. The second part of the gathering will take place at my humble abode, where we will have food (whatever we can rustle up) and some tasty beverages, along with whatever escapades come to us. If you don’t ski, come for the party afterwards, and if you don’t party, well, I really don’t want to hang out with you.

I’m thinking January 4th, which is a Saturday. This date will be set in stone when I start hearing things from people that aren't imaginary. If you want you can show up on friday, stay the whole weekend and leave on Sunday, thus giving yourself the maximum party+ski timeframe.

These adventures will take place in one of the ski areas in the Salt Lake City area, and my house in Sandy, which is just a little bit of a drive south from downtown. If you don’t know where Salt Lake City is, then you need to spend some quality time with a map.

Um, cause I like to ski and party? Oh yeah, and E2 is pretty darn spiffy.

Most likely through the use of planes, trains, and automobiles. Sleeping wise, my house has LOTS (when I say lots, I mean lots) of couches, beds, and comfy floor space.

Definitive list of the cool cats that will be showing up:
Bacon the Rambler (host)
Mr. Frog (host)
FalseTile (host)

People who might be showing up (or showed a smidgen of interest):
edebroux can't come (boo!)
Chihuahua Grub (waiting for his jet skates)
dann is gonna be 10 days late! oh my!
rischi needs to check his planner
Akasha and some friends

More news as events warrent . . .