Wither lies the road? No road! Into the unknown . . . - Nietzsche

I’m going to start walking today, and stop in 7 days. I’m going to pick up my pack that has my world on it, and leave my home, my surrogate city, my temporary state, my civilization to enter the jungle of the real. I’m going backpacking.

It’s a 45 mile round trip hike through the Wind Rivers, and at the end of the hike we take a route through the Cirque of the Towers, and from what I hear it’s damn impressive. 8/10 of the largest glaciers in the lower 48 are in the Wind Rivers area of western Wyoming, although they aren’t right where we are hiking.

One of the problems we had in planning this trip was the sleeping arrangements. There are four of us, and we own a 2-man and a 3-man tent. Do we take both of them and suffer the extra weight? Or do we cram all four of us into the 3-man tent for our feet’s sake? I voted for both tents, but it hasn’t been decided. Last summer we had the same problem except it was solved readily by the addition of a fifth member: my friend Justin.

Justin and Ryan are both coming out to Salt Lake City this winter to partake in some skiing related goodness. The addition of a noder and someone with a E2 name to my house has made me wonder aloud if I should make a gathering at my house. It would be a Ski Area outing, and I have enough beds to handle a couple of noders. My qualm is that I have never been to a gathering, and other than noding I really don’t spend that much socializing with noders. But, I don’t really care, so I’m sure at some point in next couple of months a node entitled Cool as Ice: An E2 gathering on the slopes in Salt Lake City.

As a side note, I’m under 21, and from all the gatherings I’ve read about, that seems to be the prevalent theme involved. Sigh, I'm looking forward to getting back to college.