Employees are not experts on their employers

Time for a daily rant.

I work in the IT department at Monster.com. It really doesn't matter where I work, though, all that matters is that my job is to install software and repair computers. I wouldn't need to know a thing about banking to do a similar job at a bank.

My pet peeve is this: all of my friends and relatives now expect that I can tell them how to get a job. "What sort of things get your resume noticed?" "I've got a resume up, how do I know who's looked at it?" "Can you recommend me for a job at Company X?"

It's not my job to know this. I don't run the web site. Hell, I install software for people without even knowing what the stuff does. I don't have to: my job is simply to install it. Running it is their problem.

You wouldn't ask the receptionist at Liberty Mutual how much insurance you should put on a painting you just purchased at an auction. And you certainly wouldn't ask that same receptionist to get you a better deal on your insurance. You'd ask them how to get to Mr. Smith's office. Ask me to fix your computer.