Cup competition currently sponsored by Worthington's. Entry into the League Cup is given to the ninety-two professional clubs in the English Premier League and the Football League. In the past, the winner of this cup was given a berth into the UEFA Cup.

Year League Cup Winners               Runner-Up
1961 Aston Villa                      Rotherham United
1962 Norwich City                     Rochdale
1963 Birmingham City                  Aston Villa
1964 Leicester City                   Stoke City
1965 Chelsea                          Leicester City
1966 West Bromwich Albion             West Ham United
1967 Queens Park Rangers              West Bromwich Albion
1968 Leeds United                     Arsenal
1969 Swindon Town                     Arsenal
1970 Manchester City                  West Bromwich Albion
1971 Tottenham Hotspur                Aston Villa
1972 Stoke City                       Chelsea
1973 Tottenham Hotspur                Norwich City
1974 Wolverhampton Wanderers          Manchester City
1975 Aston Villa                      Norwich City
1976 Manchester City                  Newcastle United
1977 Aston Villa                      Everton
1978 Nottingham Forest                Liverpool
1979 Nottingham Forest                Southampton
1980 Wolverhampton Wanderers          Nottingham Forest
1981 Liverpool                        West Ham United
1982 Liverpool                        Tottenham Hotspur
1983 Liverpool                        Manchester United
1984 Liverpool                        Everton
1985 Norwich City                     Sunderland
1986 Oxford United                    Queens Park Rangers
1987 Arsenal                          Liverpool
1988 Luton Town                       Arsenal
1989 Nottingham Forest                Luton Town
1990 Nottingham Forest                Oldham Athletic
1991 Sheffield Wednesday              Manchester United
1992 Manchester United                Nottingham Forest
1993 Arsenal                          Sheffield Wednesday
1994 Aston Villa                      Manchester United
1995 Liverpool                        Bolton Wanderers
1996 Aston Villa                      Leeds United
1997 Leicester City                   Middlesbrough
1998 Chelsea                          Middlesbrough
1999 Tottenham Hotspur                Leicester City
2000 Leicester City                   Tranmere Rovers
2001 Liverpool                        Birmingham City
2002 Blackburn Rovers                 Tottenham Hotspur
2003 Liverpool                        Manchester United