Spread upon water
reflections of the unseen
something in nothing

It is time to go. I feel as though I am about to throw myself into a void, an unfamiliar darkness. I do not know where I may land but I am ready, relaxed and poised to roll and find my feet on new ground. Travel to see myself in a new way. I am the same only the perspective has changed. People may travel to see new places or to escape themselves, all they ever do is see themselves in a new light, in a way that is unknown. It is not a search to find myself, only a desire to see more.

These are the thoughts that find me in the middle, reading a new author, my life creeping into every word. It’s queer to find familiarity from the other side of the world but never surprising, that reminder that it is not so foreign after all.

With any luck at all in a few weeks I will be on a boat in the north pacific, working for a living and watching the stars.