Um.. I guess I'm drinking the most foul swill ever, then.

I seem to be doing everything wrong! I go so far as to use a single vessel for both boiling water and brewing tea! My tea is apparently "dangerously strong", as I use not 0.7 tea bags (yes, bags! Not leaf tea, but tea bags!), but SIX (!!) of them! (that's almost ten times the 'right' amount)!!! Granted, I'm making a bit more than a cup, but still.. and I don't use sugar or lemon or cream or milk (and if I did, I’d just pour them in!!)!!

Somehow, I find it very difficult to understand how all this cup-pouring, container-switching stuff affects the taste of tea. It does not matter how many times you pour it into different containers, it is still hot water. Hot water does not have a wide range of flavors and textures -- in fact, it has exactly one. I also have yet to see any kind of evidence that things taste better (or different at all) when consumed from fine china as versus, say, ceramic mug, or an enormous plastic bag. If you are sufficiently sensitive to these things that you can tell the difference between tea that was made with a preheated pot and tea that was made with a room temperature pot, maybe you shouldn't be drinking caffeine.

Monk grins and runs away from this scary place.