Don't kill your invisible husband to see what he looks like or you'll sob your heart out.

Of course you will. Invisible people don't become visible when they die, they disappear. Forever. Not only will you no longer have a husband (he wasn't really that bad, was he?), but all the time and effort you put into assembling an armament of weapons that are effective against invisible people will have gone to waste. And you'll have blood on your hands, blood that you can never know if you've washed off. Because it's invisible.

But don't worry about the millions of invisible men coming to attack your village because they won't kill you if you don't know how to fight them.

Simply put, millions of invisible men are not an effective weapon against a village. The primary advantage of invisibility is stealth. You send one invisible man to spy on the enemy (or at least the enemy's women when they think they are safe enough to remove their clothes (but they aren’t (because you have a spy (who is invisible)))), not millions to destroy a village.

It's like using the thermonuclear arsenal of the former USSR to kill a starving bacterium. Except that the millions of invisible men couldn't kill the bacterium, much like they couldn't kill the thermonuclear weapons. Thermonuclear weapons are inanimate objects; they can't be killed, no matter how many bacteria you have.

But as far as the village goes, it also can't be killed by millions of invisible men. They are simply too numerous and invisible to coordinate any kind of attack. There would be no way to feed them or stop them from trampling each other to death, and eventually fleeing in terror when they realized the village had a massive thermonuclear arsenal. Which it might not, but how else could they be wading through so much invisible blood? (Remember, there are no invisible corpses. Invisible men disappear when they die.) They would run in fear, especially since the blood would attract a lot of bacteria which would be visible, but floating in invisible blood and it would be creepy and no one, no matter how invisible, would want to step in it.

On the other hand, if you had an effective way to kill invisible men, they wouldn't know they were being killed, but would be sufficiently reduced in number that they would no longer shed an ocean of invisible blood upon the ground, and thus your village would be overrun because they would not be frightened if they could not feel the invisible blood that they could not see and there were no bacteria floating in it (because it wasn't there).

If you killed your invisible husband, you will have an effective arsenal of weapons against invisible people, and thus your village will be destroyed. So don't kill your invisible husband!!!