Warning, contains plot spoilers

Well, OK, here it goes. I might as well write things people will hate while I already have negative XP.

My interpretation of fight club seems to vary quite a bit from the norm, as well as from that of my friends, which I will include here to the best of my knowledge.

My interpretation: I thought that it was simply bait for the masses who feel as if they are exploited by large corporations. Lots of bait for misguided protest kids.

After some thought, though, I see that there is some good to it, but I really didn't care all that much for it anyway. It struck me as just another average film overblown by the masses because it's so "edgy". Too many small-minded people who take movies as godsends. If they're (pseudo)goth kids, they will believe everything in The Matrix and Fight Club. If they are high school girls, they will believe every Drew Barrymore movie. As soon as it became available for rent, a pretty sizeable group of my aquaintances started going out behind their house and beating the crap out of each other. They weren't dumb, they were rebelling against The Man.

They believe every wrong word in that movie. At this point, I would like to quote the greatest man in the universe, Seanbaby.

"Fight Club was a great movie. I own it on fuck-you-authority DVD, and on kiss-this-Bill-Gates paperback. And I'm sure some people got charmed into thinking they should live the life of a violent transient destroying people's property and secretly peeing in their food. Like you, for example. But the movie's anti-The-Man message is the Special Olympics of philosophy. You should hate The Man for oppressing your freedom or legislating stupidity. You shouldn't hate the Establishment for offering delicious gourmet coffee or building you safe reliable automobiles. And while you're typing from your fuck-The-Man PC on your underground-rebellion microsoft hotmail account, keep in mind that you were excited enough you had something in common with a fictional hobo anarchist that you had to write a stranger to tell them."
Sure there are some good messages in there, but I think that mainly what people got out of it is that Tyler was a schizo, which made him a hero somehow, and that blowing things up is cool. When the negative message outweighs the positive due to peoiple's silliness, I like to simply disregard the film as a... some word for something I dislike not because it sucks, but because people think it doesn't.