After six days quarantined at home, I finally went out Sunday to pick up an order from the bottle shop/ cider shop, have brief conversation with the bartender, and to take an hour-long vehicular ramble through the city.

Some folks are still congregating. Others are wandering around in gas masks. Still, much of the city is shut down, or plastered with signs about take-out, or 20% off the local brew, or with inspirational messages. I was less interested in that, and more interested in the ongoing process of spring. Magnolias are bursting into prolific bloom: fruit trees are clouds of ivory, violets are creeping along shaded soil, and the daffodils are well and truly underway.

I'll be at about two weeks of lockup as of this next Monday post a glancing exposure to someone whose household has had a fever + headache, and will be socially distancing out at a friend's pig farm afterwards. I'm lucky during this: I have many friends with existing gardens and restaurant supply house connections, to say nothing of the bottomless pit of pork that is the farm. It seems like many of the farm to table places are also converting over into a CSA model, which is rather ideal right now. I won't short myself on veggies, at any rate.