Well, my Friday night was interesting. I went out drinking at my friend's house a few blocks from my place. I showed up pretty drunk already (like 6 beers or so). I was there for about an hour when two of my friends suggested taking a few Jagermeister shots. Since I was already drunk, I said of course. So 6 shots and 10 minutes later my friend pulls out some weed. This gets smoked up, and then we head back downstairs. It's about midnight or 12:30 right now.


So it's 3:30 or so and I'm on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex about 8 blocks from my residence and police are around me. I'm handcuffed. Apparently I was knocking on someone's door that didn't know me (nor I them) and they called the cops. And my shoes were nowhere to be found. Nor my flask or my lighter, but my cell phone and wallet and everything were still on my person. And my socks were in my pocket. Oh, and my pants were sitting beside me. So the cops put me in the back of the cruiser, gave me a ride home, and walked me inside to make sure I lived here. They told me that they didn't see my shoes.

Yesterday morning I woke up and walked around attempting to find my shoes. Why? Because they're Doc Martens, that's why. I looked around the area for a while with no luck. I then decided to call the radio dispatch part of the Columbus Police Department to figure out where I got picked up. So they told me, and I looked around there with no luck.

Lesson of the day: Don't take 6 shots of Jagermeister and smoke 2 bowls of weed in 20 minutes. You'll regret it the next day.