This is a literary experiment/game not a commentary one.

Please read all the way through the rules first and follow them as closely as possible.

So here's the idea. It's based on an older surrealist game called "Parallel stories". Here are he rules I've come up with, READ THEM carefully, if you follow the rules then this experiment/game will remain pure.

1. Write a single fictional paragraph containing the hard linked words from the previous write up, in the order that they appear in that write-up.

2. The ONLY LINKS of any kind in your write up will be the words you want to appear in the next write-up.

3. No more than twenty(20) and no less than ten(10) words should be linked in your write-up.

4. No User names in the stories.

5. No preamble or foot-notes. Just the story. One short paragraph, no extra comments outside of the story.

6. Tense and other minor grammatical changes may be made to help your story flow.

See the first entry by me as an example of a correctly executed write-up.

Good luck and keep it pure.


Start Entry (using the words from the rules):

As I was listening to the commentary of the professer, he was going over the rules for the class, I became aware of the woman next to me, and, based on her older appearance, was inclned to follow her after class. I have a thing for older women and I was hoping she was single. I was kind of nervous and when I approached her but wanted to seem less so. Even though she was about twenty years older than me, she was beautiful . It took some time but after some small talk and exchanging names, I was able to get her to agree to lunch, but just. During lunch we commented on the changes that were made in the class schedule and the conversation flowed well from there. Entry into more of her life was going to be a little difficult, but I had already taken the first step and with luck would take a few more.