Initial disclaimer: I’m still working out my thoughts on this, but where better to do so than among such aggressively creative and kindheartedly critical people as my E2 family? I welcome your feedback, either as messages to me or another writeup in this node.

This morning, in the afterglow of what I consider to have been an extremely successful and inspiring Democratic National Convention, 2004, a shadow dawned on me while chatting with my wife. Let’s face it, Kerry did what he had to do in his nomination acceptance speech, and if he continues to throw strikes through the next 3 months, he will win the White House. Unless. . . .

It’s only reasonable to assume that as the prospects for a Democratic victory in November brighten, the countervailing prospects for a manipulation of the electoral process grow simultaneously more ominous. So?. . . What do we do?

I think the answer is obvious, frankly, and organic. I propose a general strike, to begin immediately concurrent with the announcement of any cancellation, postponement and/or abridgment of the Presidential Elections scheduled for November 2, 2004; such strike to terminate when, and only when, elections are successfully completed and fairly counted.

If you work, simply don’t go in. If you’re a student, simply don’t go to school. If you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, simply stay-at-home with your kids. Don’t shop, don’t drive, don’t eat at restaurants. Don’t do anything, except subsist. Unless another person’s life is in your immediate professional hands, cease doing what you normally do until such time as the powers-that-be come to their senses and remember that whatever power they claim necessarily derives from the people.

As far as the logistics go, we should all already have a three day supply of food, water, medicine and other necessities in case of an emergency. It probably wouldn’t hurt to supplement this stockpile in advance of late October/early November.

The issue of impeaching and removing from office all public servants who collaborated in the unconstitutional and baldly illegal act of election tampering can be dealt with when a lawful government is sworn in.

My wife is convinced that if they try to take this election away from us, the majority of Americans, petulantly privileged as she believes them to be, will do nothing. I have an inkling of fear that she’s right, but a stronger instinct to prove her cynicism wrong.

Will you join me?

2004.7.30@19:09 Servo5678 says re . . . Good idea in theory, but when the work stops, the people also are not paid. Eventually we have no choice but to go back to work to earn money to continue to exist. I thinking they will just wait us out.

2004.7.30@19:32 Scriblerus says I actually had the same idea a few days ago--to simply shut down the country in the titular event. And the same assumption that it wouldn't work that your wife makes. But I'll join you.

2004.7.30@19:39 Nero says do you really believe the elections will be canceled due to one party looking like they are losing the election, you honestly believe this?

To which I answered: "Yes, Nero, I honestly do. It happened in New York City while I was living there."

2004.7.30@22:57 Lennon says:Approaching the 2000 election, there were a lot of Republicans who believed Clinton was going to institute a state of emergency and cancel the elections. It is funny this has come up again The Reps had a different kind of strike in mind, a violent one. There were people who were ready to march on Washington, however futile, to remove the corrupted government and install a 'lawful' one.

My response to all the gentle noders who have messaged me their doubts about a general strike's effectiveness I say: "Isn't there value in the threat itself? Don't we gain something by simply stating here and now, good and early, that we won't sit down, even if, in fact, most of us will? There seems to be an generally accepted notion that I, for one, do not accept: that they are less afraid of us than we of them."