What does faith feel like?
Is it warm?
Does it embrace you back?
Or is it solid, smooth and clear like ice?

Is doubt the Devil?
Do you ever entertain him even for a second?
Or just bore the be jesus out of him forever?

Will you miss me in Eternity?
Or are there contingencies for brothers you loved?
Will the having loved me be enough in the absence of my soul, presumably somewhere far away and suffering?

Am I far away and suffering enough for you now?
Is this practice?

What about my baby boy whom you adore as you did me once?
Will he need to be baptized by something other than this fire we're living?
Does he really need your slap-happy Savior to be sinless?

Do you miss me in this Eternity?

Do you ever get angry at Him, your sad hippy? Could a brother ever matter more?
Do you really believe it's Satan and not me that's asking?

'Cuz I'm asking.