So everything's changed since last I daylogged.

I'm working a 9-5er again, after nearly a year away working as the stay-at-home dad of my baby boy. But my wife and I decided we'd never get off the Capitol Hill block we affectionately refer to as Crack Alley unless we both worked and put the boy in some sort of day care. So it's been almost two weeks now that I've been dropping him off in the gray dawn and picking him up in the gray dusk, and wondering, will this haunting ache ever go away? Am I doing the right thing? Be warned, men! Stay at home with your kid for too long and you WILL become a chick.

The job is possibly the best I've ever worked. I'm assistant to the president of a company that innovates health care solutions appropriate for developing nations. In other words, I'm finally schlepping for some good guys instead of the man. It's an odd feeling, not being tempted to steal everything that isn't screwed down, but let me tell ya, I'm dealing with it. Truth is, I think I almost like it as much as writing, and, man, is the pay check steadier! The abbot of my zen temple, whom my wife and I also see as a marriage counselor says maybe its my turn to spend a few years working for a good cause and also earning a living while I do it. Could be. It's so odd not slaving for some gigantic conglomerate with a fat ass chip on my shoulder all the time. Who knew I could be so happy at work? Unfortunately, the gig's only long-term temporary for now. While I'll be tossing my hat in the ring for the permanent position, there will be others applying and interviewing. In the end, if they find someone better for the job, god bless 'em. A place like this, with the mission it has, deserves the best. But it might just break my heart to have to climb back on some crammed corporate slaver.

Of course, it's harder to find time to work on the genome play commission, not to mention the TV pilot that's still floating around down in Hollywood, but I'll carve the time as best I can, and now that there's actually love involved in my day job, I feel less stressed to put my heart into my writing.

Happy all souls, my friends!