The infamous 100th Node.

I haven’t deliberately put off writing this, but certain things have been keeping me from it for the three months since I noded last. What oh what could it be? Let’s see...

There’s the fact that I got a new job (full time and permanent at that!) at the headquarters of a bank no less, and a behemoth at that, looking to put a friendly neighborhood bank out of business near you. (Actually, to be fair, as banks go, it ain’t a bad one, either to work at or with. As a matter of fact, I was banking with these guys for ten years before I landed the gig.) Bottom line for me now is bennies for myself and my two-year old boy, and no more meta-temping.

My play opened in late June and is still running in Seattle. Reviews have been better than expected, given the crucifixion I’ve grown accustomed to getting in my adopted home town. There are still two weeks left, so if you live in or about the Emerald City or plan to visit, come on down to the Empty Space some Friday, Saturday or Sunday night.

I’m acting again for the for the first time in eight years, doing outdoor Shakespeare, playing the title in Julius Caesar, which is, as anyone who’s semi-familiar with the play knows, a lot less impressive than it sounds. Still though, folks who don’t know think I’m the star, I have half the line load of the other principals, and I get to lie quietly -- albeit perfectly still and on stage-- for what seems like at least a quarter of the running time.

It’s good for a crusty ol’ playwright such as myself to do a little acting now and again, if only to remind me how friggin’ hard it gets to memorize lines as you get older. Some times, snob that I am, I think only a playwright can appreciate how perfect the Bard is.

After this things should calm down considerably and perhaps permanently, at least on the theatre side, with the minor blip of an exception that my latest play is going to be read down at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco come September. Maybe I can meet some of you Bay Area noders.

Hunh? Maybe?