The Sony Playstation - doesn't say which model - has won an award, according to the BBC:

I was struck by this paragraph:
"Sony's first PlayStation console (PSOne) went on sale in Japan on 3 December 1994. Its early years were very much associated with the iconic Lara Croft adventures."

This is the way that the media writes The Official History. When researchers and academics and journalists, years from now, look back on the history of video games, they will not look into my mind, or into the minds of people who played videogames; they will instead look at news stories like this. They will be looking into the minds of the researchers, academics and journalists of today. In their eyes, the primary sources - you and me - we have such limited perspectives, and we are biased, and we could not see the big picture. Our memories need to be processed, put into context, changed.

This must be how history is made, the history of all things; the history of cinema, of war, of politics. The people make the history, and the writers and academics and artists feed on the people and the history - but only if it is likely to make money, or win influence and recognition - and the subsequent generations of historians feed on the writers and academics and artists. Building towers of ever-more removed interested parties scrabbling for money and recognition, twisting reality for their own ends.

The only solution is to eliminate the writers and academics and artists. They are the perverters of history. Better that our lives are forgotten than misremembered. I'd rather be obliterated than have people change me after death. I bet Jesus felt the same. Perhaps he thought that his dad would put things right, and ensure that Jesus' teachings were communicated directly and honestly, without spin, and that his dad would put things back on track. Obviously Jesus was wrong. If God will not act, what use is he?

Perhaps that is God's message, his only message. God will not act. We must act.