The node suffers from being unable to reproduce Alan Rickman's unique vocal delivery of the line 'Ho ho ho'. With his strangled go at a German accent, Rickman transformed those simple words into something which resembled the sound of a weakened, dying man attempting to expel an interloping mouse from his mouth. 'Hoh... hoh...... hoh.' is closer to the phrasing, but looks odd.

From a pedantic point of view, John McClane would have been more correct to write 'Now I have a submachine gun. Ho ho ho', as McClane had actually stolen a Heckler and Koch MP5. Machine guns are large and heavy and are designed to fire lengthy bursts of automatic fire, whilst submachine guns are small and light and designed to fire short bursts. Although, what with it being a late-80s action film, the former definition applies to all firearms in 'Die Hard'.