As a tiny, tiny extra fact-ette, the McLaren F1 LM is in fact a roadgoing version of the Le Mans car, created in a limited run of five to celebrate F1s coming 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 13th on their first ever go.

The LM is actually more powerful than the Le Mans car, as it has the air restrictors removed, giving 680bhp to the race car's 600bhp. The top speed is reduced from the 240mph of the road car to 215mph, due to accelerative gearing, which reduces the 0-60mph time from 3.6 seconds to 2.9.

The F1 has a built-in diagnostic computer, which can be connected via modem to the McLaren factory - should the car break down, a McLaren engineer can download diagnostic information remotely. An annual service at the factory costs £25,000.

If you want to see one in real life, pop into the McLaren showroom in Park Lane, London, where a single F1 is on display. You can't buy it - the showroom sells nothing - and I don't think they will let you sit in it, either.