I have written the lyrics of a song. They are to be sung in a fake Texan accent to the tune of Wall of Voodoo's curious early-80s synth-pop hit "Mexican Radio", which is available for download on the internet, for free. I like this song a lot, it is a good song. It helps me to find mental mind-inspiration for my mind, because it has lots of lyrics; more to the point, it has a lot of spaces for me to invent new lyrics, which I can then pass off as original 'poetry'.

New Zealand
New Zealand
such a nice place
Canada to America's Australia
I'd like to live there
it's such a small place
but there are people
who already live there

they would be
mighty impressed
with me
I would rule them
as a queen
and they would bow
to the god-like man-queen

I would decree that
life could carry on
and the people
would be glad of me
nonetheless I
I would move them
to south island
'cause I don't trust them

And I would live
in my own private kingdom
sometimes I would let them visit
the island that they unwisely
decided to give over to me
and I would laugh
in their faces
I would laugh at the open spaces
where there were people
now there are none
to see the mountains
or the sun