Woman Amplified by the Forced Engorgement of Ratatouille (WAFER)

Earlier today I was instructed by an adjudicator, through my headphones, to insert a 'little comma in the air' between the word 'appellant' and the letter 's'. He means apostrophe, of course, but I believe that 'little comma in the air' is a far better description. It's so poetic, and expressive; and in a way, we are all little commas in the air, little pauses in God's firmament.

distant voices sing
"little comma in the air"
deep ocean sounding

below the crush depth
there is beauty all around
in every season

We are Jupiter
and beyond the infinite
commas in the air

God's creation is a timesharing environment - there is one God, but he gives us all equal time, albeit measured in millionths of a millionth of a second. Carrying this further, I believe that the more people there are, the less time God has for us individually, and the more Godless we become. London is an example of this. If there was only one person in the world, he would have God's undivided attention; he would be as close to God as it would be possible to be, and indeed he might even become God himself. I think the Church of England should ponder this weighty matter rather than the homosexuality thing.

God does not care what we do with our cocks, or into which orifice or fold of flesh we insert them, or whether we only ever touch them when going to the toilet and to wash them in the sink, or even not then, as it's possible to direct the flow of urine 'hands free', as it were, and cleaning is not a problem if you have taken a vow of celibacy because nobody else is going to even *see* your cock, let alone get close enough to smell it.

Thinking about it, it would make more social sense if, when a man becomes erect, his entire body stiffens and becomes immobile. This would prevent sexual violence and would allow the woman to direct things to her satisfaction. Evolutionarily the opposite would be more appropriate - or even if women were generally immobile - but nature is a harsh thing which we have to resist.

A friend of mine once saw a man in a toilet in Grand Central Station, New York, clean his cock by splashing it with the water that flushes the urinal. He wasn't looking, as such, he just happened to see this.


Another thing struck me at work; lasers - you know how a laser works? Well, the boss where I work sits in an office at the end of the room, and the office is like a chamber, in fact it is a chamber, and I was thinking that if we covered her walls with mirrors, fed her with lots of food, locked the door and drilled a tiny, tiny hole in it, and gave her some paperwork, she'd get working and the mirrors would amplify her, and there'd be a 'boss laser'.

Out of the hole would come a focussed beam/wave of pure command, capable of cutting through three - no, FIVE - inches of solid steel, or even Solid Snake. A person's stomach could also be the chamber for a laser, provided he or she ate rubies and mirrors and calorific food - such as lasagne, a British invention, apparently - in advance, and then jumped up and down on the spot. Out would come light! From which orifice, I know not. It would be the ultimate enema.

And now the 16th of July, 2003, is almost done. Not a day I will look back on.