Jordan is a starlet in the UK. She was born in Brighton on the 22nd of May, 1978.

Her real name is Katie Price and her attributes are bee-stung lips and large breasts, both of which have been surgically enhanced, more than once in the latter case.

She rose to fame in the mid-90s as a Page 3 model for the 'Daily Star' and other tabloids; subsequently, she has appeared regularly in and on the covers of 'Max Power', 'Loaded', 'FHM' and other lad magazines, and also in 'Playboy'. Interviews with her typically and inevitably focus on her sexuality; one suspects that her replies (usually along the lines of 'I like sex - a lot') are stage-managed. Curiously, Jordan appears to have been embraced by the media as an ironic figure; whilst other starlets of her ilk are generally ignored outside the specialist press, there are articles about Jordan's stardom in the Guardian, and there have been a number of television documentaries on her life and ouvre. She says 'minging' a lot, apparently.

A common magazine strapline is 'JORDAN: The MOST REVEALING pictures yet', although she does not actually go topless any more, and has not done so for a couple of years. It's entirely possible that this is a plan by her management to make her seem classier, presumably on the way to the inevitable pop music / television presenting career.