It is now 05:55 on the morning of February the 19th, 2002. Having been made redundant from my job a month ago I now find it impossible to avoid 'cycling', that is, going to bed later and later and getting up earlier and earlier. For the last few hours I have been applying for jobs online, and also downloading selections of 'The Conet Project' from Audiogalaxy. The Conet Project is a 4cd set of recordings of numbers stations; distorted shortwave voices reading out numbers. Supposedly these stations were used to keep spies up-to-date with the latest developments in intercontinental spying, and also to pass them instructions on what to spy on, such as government installations and power plants. 'Eine eine (whee) drei drei zex / seben eine eine (pop) veir' presumably translates as 'Go to the nearest army base and find out how many tanks they have - but don't make the soldiers suspicious!'.

Experience shows that there is an army of people who vote daylogs up, and an army that votes them down. Presumably, the decision to vote is influenced indirectly by the global consciousness; an aggregate win for the upvoters would therefore indicate a global sense of well-being and compassion, whereas if this writeup were to have a negative reputation by tomorrow - or even, heaven forbid, if it was nuked - that would indicate that war is imminent and that people are overcome with bitterness and hatred.

I am now attempting to interrogate Audiogalaxy in order to find recordings by Terre Thaemlitz, a man who apparently records melancholic piano versions of synth-pop, such as Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and Devo. Earlier, I downloaded music by Wim Mertens and later on I will congratulate myself for having such superb taste.

Thanks to the website of Aquarius Records I have just discovered that there is a tribute album to The Shaggs. It is called 'Better than the Beatles: The Shaggs' and my mind cannot possibly imagine what it will sound like.