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Enemy data c/o game data files and source

CLASS: Marsh-Hopper from Rigil Kentaurus
METABOLISM: terrestrial amphibian
PERCEPTION: wild animal
SIZE: 3 ft
HOSTILITY: extreme
WEAPONS: toxic slime splash
THREAT: very low


A strange organism originating from marshy wastelands in the system of Rigil Kentaurus. They live in large groups and have a suicidal instinct for protecting their territory. In all-devastating havoc, all individuals try to leap at the intruder and explode, by over inflating themselves. Upon exploding, toxic slime contained in their intestines splashes the target.


- One of these alone is not dangerous, but a swarm is deadly
- Destroy at range

Individually, these would be pathetic. Unfortunately, they never come as individuals -- they came as packs, swarms, hordes, plauges turning the land black with their numbers, overunning all they come across -- run away!
The weapn of choice: tommygun. Always the tommygun. Nothing else is rapid-fire enough to kill fast enough, whist still being light enough on the ammo to make a difference. You should have found a tommygun by the time the frogs start appearing -- if not, you will suffer. Keep moving backwards, try to lure them into 'clumping' together, and blaze away into the seething mass of frogs.
At this point, mention should be made of the infamous 'frog pits' that appear once or twice in the game. Sam walks into the room, the doors lock, a 'countdown' bar appears at the top of the screen and wave after wave of frogs come raining in... The procedure here is the same as any other encounter with the beasties, but at double the tempo. Keep moving!