• Alex Gifford
  • Will White

    It was early 1996 that Propellerheads first entered the marked. And when they did, they got a top ten hit ("History Repeating"). Their first album emerged in 1998, Deckandrumsandrockandroll. It became a great success; about half a million copies were sold worldwide. Soon after the release of their album they were about to go on tour, but unfourtunately one of the members got ill and the tour was canceled.

    While Will was forced to stay home and nurse his illness, Alex went to New York where he was embraced by the New York hip hop community. So while Alex hung around in New York, where be helped produce a Jungle Brothers album, Will stayed home. But after a few months of resting and nursing Will was again back on his feet, while not at full health, but he still managed to do some mixing and fixing.

    Alex returned to London to accept the 1998 Mercury Music Prize nomination for Decksandrumsandrockandroll on behald of them both, since Will still wasn't fully recovered.

    Propellerheads say they're not yet done, and as soon as Will is at full health and ready to swing they'll be back in.

  • History Repeating Feat. Miss Shirley Bassey
  • Dive E.P.
  • Take California
  • Spybreak!
  • Spybreak + 'Live' Tracks
  • Bang On!
  • Bang On!

  • Decksandrumsandrockandroll (1998)