D-chan? A little help here plz?

It seems I'm not as free as I thought. Have been offered (and sort of demanded I take it) this "option":

stay at WS nxt year and do 3 subjects: maths/stats, physics, english. at the same time do a paper extramurally (by correspondence) from MU - programming fundamentals or similar. The school will pay for the course.

She wants an answer by tonight, school needs answer by tommorrow.

Your opinion would be highly helpful.... :|

Factors and things:

* She says it'll keep my options open for the future wrt: choice of university and such, not just having to stay at UT. and if i bum (her word) out of UT then i won't die horribly in a gutter (my phrase).

* I'd have to stay at WS, and I'm not sure I'm prepared to do that.

* I've already told everyone I'm leaving, heh.

* at least it's only 3 classes & heaps of spare time.

* sorta give me a years reprive, 'tho I might just get more and more depressed.

* I want to do something different, somewhere other than here. ick.

* I'd still be w/ you and tuchan. that's good. yes.

Reply tonight or asap. plz. gah.