Today is my birthday. 4 other people, and one cat, that I know personally share my birthday so a happy one to us all. I went to Australia Zoo, alas no Steve for he was out shooting the show, and walked around the 60 acres of wildlife. I liked how the zoo was designed more to keep the public out of the animals territory than it was to keep the animals in. I got to pet a Gray Kangaroo, a Koala, and a Python. I took several pictures of my spouse and our daughter. Our daughter climbed into one of the many carved crocodiles' mouth and pretended she was getting eaten while I took her photo. My spouse got a picture taken with the python and one with a very affectionate Red Kangaroo who seemed very keen on having his chest scratched. I had my picture taken in Steve's Crocodile Hunter Jeep. We saw a good part of the zoo on our won as it was very early and not many tourists had come yet. We left right after the first crocodile feeding demonstration were we saw three crocodiles "tail whip" for their food. Our daughter got a 6 foot plush American cornsnake, my spouse got a squeaky East Asian Otter toy and a hat pin for the Akubra, and I got a new hat. Later we went home and had Lasagna and cheesecake. It was the best birthday I have ever had.