On my way to class last night, I spotted a Moroccan restaurant, its windows obscured with thick carpets. The Open sign was in the door, and I decided the menu looked affordable, so I walked in. The meal consisted of five courses, so I ordered a bottle of red wine, and didn't leave the place until it was empty (the bottle, not the place).

What is it about red wine?

So last night my dreams were overflowing... took a long drive at night through the woods, and the driver kept on taking us through these places where big bulbs of red light were swaying... hunted man eating mechanical fish with Tom Cruse, until his dad (a cleverly disguised Marlin Brando) came out and lectured me on mistreating artifacts from "the wise ancient Greeks"... made love to an anonymous young lady who hovered above me, singing something almost too soft to hear (of course we didn’t go all the way, I haven’t had a wet dream in years, so why should I get one now?)...

Then I ended up drinking beer with N-----, the guy who fucked my ex-girlfriend a couple years ago. Surprisingly, I was not hacking him to bits, or scooping out his brains with a Phillip’s head screwdriver. We were just hanging out, shooting the shit. I even got him to talk about what exactly happened back then, and we came to a sort of resolution, sharing a pack of cigarettes and watching traffic pass us by.