This song appears in the musical/movie Cabaret. I first heard this song when my father sat us down and had us watch the movie a year or two back. The scene in the orchard/restaurant is one of the most frightening scenes I've ever experienced. One of the last things I did the day I got the DVD was to watch that scene. I also own the musical soundtrack, on which the song is split onto two separate sections (it occurs in two places in the musical), and when I first got the soundtrack I often listened to this song. I find it both powerful and seductive, which is all the more disturbing because I am Jewish. The images the song paints are beautiful and enticing--nature's beauty, tied with national identity, national strength, and a national destiny, all of which, it whispers, you, the people of Germany in the 1930s, could be a part of...Listening to this song I can understand why people joined the Nazi party enthusiastically. If I were in their place (and I weren't Jewish), I would probably act the same. They were not evil, just eager to be part of this bright vision. I wonder if it could happen here.