Voting can change which elected officials we put/keep in office. We don't like one, we vote him/her out and replace them with a candidate who we think can do a better job. Unfortunately, most politicians are exactly the stereotypical immoral, greedy, and/or corrupt people we imagine them to be. Yes, there are still a few good men (and women) in office who actually care about their constituents--people who actually care about more than just getting reelected--and we have that to be thankful for. But the sad truth is that these are the exception, rather than the rule. America has (d)evolved into a nation that is run entirely by the rich. These days, the average citizen can't possibly afford a political campaign. Only wealthy individuals can afford to run for office and win. Not only that, but these candidates, most of whom are already millionaires, recieve even more money from large corporations in the form of "campaign contributions"--a polite term for "bribes".

As a result, the people rich enough and manipulative enough to make it into a position of power forget the little people who got them there, and only remember the multi-billion dollar corporations who lined their pockets along the way. The government "of, by, and for the people" is now virtually owned and operated by big businesses. Money is power in America. Perhaps voting could change things, if only the freedom of choice came with options worth choosing.