The words are too slow, or maybe my thoughts are too fast. Or maybe it's just to beautiful, too awe inspiring, the way the pen leaves it's mark on the paper, the way the letters form, the long flowing lines, all their twists and knots and squiggles. Yes, only I can ever decipher their message in this form, you all need a more traditional typeset, but I'm certain you lose something. Don't worry, it's nothing great, at least not something worth sacrificing readability over, but there is something there. A piece of me that you're missing.

At least you get my thoughts, these strange constructs of the neural orgy festering in my brain. Yeah, they're all up there (my neurons and stuff) doing their little thing, dancing away, spewing out the words I'm putting down on paper. This is what's important, the message I'm sending you. I guess the process by which the thoughts are made tangible (even though they're not) would only excite you if you loved me, if you were so absolutely enchanted with me that watching me do the thing I love would deeply fascinate you.

It is important to me, you know? This is the only way I know how to live. To express myself in whatever way I need. Now it's through words, something which came about out of necessity. I needed a way to tell a beautiful girl that I loved her, but she wouldn't believe me when I told her so. I learned to take the gooey stuff of my thoughts and mix it up with these word thingies and create something beautiful. The uttered words did not sway her, but the written words, they caused a stirring in her heart the likes of which she hadn't ever know.

Do you still linger over those heartfelt letters? Do they still move you?