I just downloaded Paul Oakenfold's Gatecrasher live set. This is really great stuff. So great that I just had to tell somebody about it, but everybody I know is asleep. Too bad. Hmmm... It would be kind of cool to be able to attach mp3's to nodes. Anyhoo!

I'm really excited today. My grandpa died last week, and he left me his old truck. It's a pretty crappy truck, it's full of rust holes and it barely runs, but it has special meaning for me. My grandpa and my grandma had their first kiss in that truck. A few decades later my mom and my dad did the wild thing in the truck and nine months later I was born.

I spent a summer at my grandpa's ranch with my girlfriend. I told her the history of the truck and she was really impressed. We got a blanket and had a picnic in the bed of the truck. A lot of fruit and whipped cream, and honey. I still smile when I think of that night. The moonlight reflected by her honey covered nipples. It's a very special truck.