Well, one time I read an article that glorified hackers who sit in front of a computer for days on end without sleep, or proper nourishment pounding out revolutionary software. This image affected me so deeply that I sat at my computer, programming for two and a half days straight. I had to stop because I was getting intense headaches, really bad heartburn from all the caffeine, chest pains and blurred vision. It took me two weeks to recover from the incident. This is obviously a serious event and I am most likely not the only one to have experienced it. I think we should seriously consider banning further articles showcasing such extreme hackers as there is a high chance other youngsters will fall in the same trap.

Back in school I knew this girl named Kaile. The type of youngster beaming with potential. Smart, fun, creative. Kaile had this dream of becoming a movie star, only problem was she couldn't act to save her life. She just couldn't find a way to project her emotions. On top of that, she stuttered. She had given up on her dream, until one day she read an interview with one of her favorite actress. The famous actress was saying that she had to give up everything, school, friends, family, to follow her dream. After reading the article Kaile decided to follow her hero's example. She dropped out and moved to Hollywood, naysayers be damned. Her outraged parents refused to support such foolishness. Kaile tried out for many parts, but was turned down every time, and every time she would remember that magazine article and renew her vigor. The trail of her existence faded quickly. She was never heard from again. This was a girl who had great potential, but threw it all away because of some silly article in a magazine. We should also consider removing any articles that might give youngsters a false sense of hope. The risk is simply too great.