Ok I've never written in a daylog before, but everybody keeps telling me my stuff should be here, so here goes!

So I'm sitting down at the computer, typing some e-mails. I see a poof of grey tail and look down, it's the house cat! ...Staring at me. Now, we just got this cat, so I don't know how to tell what he wants. i'm thinkin' he wants up on my lap, so I'm all patting my legs, saying "c'mon! ...c'mon!" or trying the whole "here, boy!" thing, but nope! He's just standin' there looking at me, tail slowly wagging.

Ok, so since we just got this cat, he doesn't really have a name yet. Grey Cat seems to be winning so far, but that's closely followed by Kitty, Dank, Seeyaytee (c-a-t), and...Maynard. Apparently Maynard is the last name of my roomate's favorite band, Tool, and no matter what I think of their music, look at that name! He'll get picked on by all the other cats in the hood! Thank the girlfriend for that one.

So anyway, I'm sitting here with this cat staring at me, it's been like minutes now. I'm going through all of it's names, trying to get it to jump on my damn lap! So I stop, I look at it. It looks at me. I look at it some more. Then, it says all casual-like:


I pause.