The only real reason to watch Carmen Sandiego on TV was Rockapella, an amazing professional acapella group who apparently had to do the silly kid's show to make ends meet.

On the other hand, I could never really think of a real reason to play the video games. I remember my little brother actually bought Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego, and to even think about catching her and beating the game, you had to go through about 1200 promotions, from Gumshoe to Amazing-Super-Inspector-of-God or something, and you could only get promoted after about 5 successful cases. You would have to run around gathering clues from shmoes on the street, and the clues would always be something like "He likes Tex-Mex food." Then you would have to go over to the computer and figure out which of all the criminals in the United States liked Tex-Mex food and classical music.

Then you did it again and again until you either:

  1. died of starvation
  2. went insane and smashed your computer with a Rand-McNally atlas
  3. realized that the game was a complete waste of time and deleted it, then stuffed it in the back of a drawer somewhere never to be found again
I, as you may have guessed, chose option a.